David Barcomb Planning a Romantic Getaway Do’s and Don’ts

In the following post, David Barcomb discusses strategies for ensuring your romantic vacation is the vacation of a lifetime.

Taking a romantic vacation with your new love or old flame can be tremendously rewarding, igniting your passions and giving you dozens of precious memories. However, there are a few precautions you should take to ensure that every part of your trip goes to plan. (Well, most of it, anyway!)


Be Flexible.

I’ve never gone on a trip where everything has gone exactly to plan. Sometimes, that gorgeous hotel with the ocean view happens to have an underachieving staff. Restaurants turn out not to be anywhere near as impressive as TripAdvisor would have the reader believe. It’s important not to become too attached to an itinerary or an idea of how the vacation is going to be. If every trip turned out exactly as we’d imagined it would, there wouldn’t be any point in traveling — we’d just live quietly in our own heads.

Improvisations can make the best experiences. Don’t get frustrated by inconveniences and dashed expectations; just enjoy the crazy adventure you’re on. What could be more romantic?


Use the vacation to try to save a crumbling relationship.

Travel is stressful enough. If you’re trying to salvage a failing marriage by going out on a gangbusters vacation, you’re probably only succeeding in making the final nail in your relationship’s coffin really, really expensive.

I’m not saying that you have to have a perfect relationship in order to enjoy traveling together. However, don’t waste a trip to Costa Rica trying to work out your problems with intimacy, jealousy issues, clinginess, or any of the dozens of reasons you might ultimately part ways.


Plan for taking it slow.

If romance is the goal, then you want to have the opportunity to relax and enjoy each other. If you’re rushing from attraction to attraction and generally behaving as though you’d rather see every museum in Milan than spend an evening enjoying the sunset with your partner, then you might as well have gone on a tour group.

David Barcomb is a traveling enthusiast, a history buff, and managing director at Merrill Lynch.